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Luz María Utrera received her Law degree at Salvador University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After obtaining her law degree, she traveled to the US to improve her English at California International University in Los Angeles. There she studied film and cinema at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. While living in Los Angeles, she became involved with different organizations that deal with matters of domestic violence. 

She volunteered and learned how these organizations helped and empowered women. She returned to Argentina, and founded Fundación Luz María to help women who experienced domestic violence. While she created the Foundation in Argentina, she visited the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa and was invited to speak at the Valley Oasis Shelter in Los Angeles. All of this inspired her even more.

After all the work that she did as a lawyer, providing extensive support and advocacy, spending her personal resources and funds in Santiago del Estero, she realized she needed additional support to carry out her vision, so Luz María Foundation was established in the US. Luz Maria Foundation partnered with Fundación Luz Maria to help women lead a life free of violence, raise their voice and to reach their full potential.

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